High-efficiency submersible agitators from 1 to 18.5 kW

High-performance, reliable, energy-efficient

For more than 25 years, streisal GmbH has been working on the use of submersible agitators in process technology applications. The technical performance, reliability and energy efficiency of our agitators has always been at the centre of our thinking and actions.

The standard equipment of streisal submersible motor agitators includes the mechanical seal in highly wear-resistant silicon carbide that is protected against corrosion in a stainless steel holder, as well as temperature monitoring in the motor winding and a high-volume oil chamber with seal monitoring.

The installation can be carried out on flexible lowering devices or fixed stand units. As a result, all kinds of tank geometries can be used at any time without difficulties.

Moreover, it is possible to adapt the design of the installation accessories to special installation situations.

Design in the modular system

A wide range of individual components (submersible motors, gear units, propellers, monitoring devices and accessories) allows an appropriate submersible agitator to be configured for any application. This increases the efficiency, ensures a long service life of the agitator and reduces energy costs.

Compact TRV submersible agitators with direct drive

Universally applicable submersible motor agitator featuring an extremely compact design and stainless steel housing to open up entirely new applications.

TSR submersible agitators with step-down gear unit

The robust TSR submersible motor agitators are designed to be an efficient solution for a wide range of technical agitating tasks.

Slow-running ATP/BTP submersible agitators with step-down gear unit

Slow-running streisal submersible motor agitators of the ATP/BTP type provide gentle recirculation of large quantities of liquids. With large diameters and low speeds, these agitators generate maximum thrust with the smallest possible energy consumption.