Efficient agitator technology in use around the world

Since 1988, streisal has been delivering agitators and mixing systems to customers worldwide. The many plants that we have equipped include biogas and sewage treatment plants as well as innumerable applications in industrial process technology. We will be happy to send you detailed information for your specific requirement on request. Please get in touch with us about this.

As a first impression, you can find some examples of our work below.

Modernisierung der Rührtechnik in Eschede, Deutschland

Modernisation of agitator technology in Eschede, Germany

Existing submersible motor agitators are replaced by energy-efficient, slow-running Biobull fermenter agitators from streisal. This makes it possible to use difficult substrates such as solid manure or grass silage, and saves electricity costs.

Faulturmrührwerk in Schongau, Deutschland

Digestion tower agitator in Schongau, Germany

Expansion of the sewage treatment plant at a cheese factory operated by Hochland. The agitator for the new digestion tower is a streisal vertical Biobull type BIOS 34 V.

Biogasanlage in Treize Vents, Frankreich

Biogas plant in Treize Vents, France

The entire system is equipped with agitator technology from streisal: pre-pit, fermenter, secondary fermenter and final storage. The plant is supplied almost exclusively with manure – only the streisal Biobull can cope with this.

Fermenter auf Hokkaido, Japan

Fermenter at Hokkaido, Japan

In Japan, particular emphasis is placed on energy-efficient technology, thereby explaining the choice of an agitator from streisal.

Hybridkraftwerk in Wittenhof, Deutschland

Hybrid power plant in Wittenhof, Germany

The power plant generates hydrogen with the help of wind energy. When there is a high demand for electricity, the hydrogen is mixed with biogas and converted into electricity with neutral CO2 emissions in combined heat and power plants, then the electricity is supplied to the grid. streisal GmbH supplies agitator technology for the fermenters of the biogas plant.

Biogas in Indiana, USA

Biogas in Indiana, USA

Sewage, food waste and other organic matter are used for generating carbon-neutral electricity. The 5000 m³ stainless steel fermenter is operated with streisal agitators.

Kläranlage in Rankweil, Österreich

Sewage treatment plant in Rankweil, Austria

The sewage treatment plant operated by Rauch, the fruit juice manufacturer, is also equipped with a slow-running, large-blade submersible agitator of the ATP type.

Hydrolyse in Schleswig, Deutschland

Hydrolysis plant in Schleswig, Germany

To replace the outmoded loading technology, the Schleswig utility company decided to use a hydrolysis plant supplied by Innovas. Both mashing tanks are agitated by streisal Hydrobull mixing systems and the supply tank features a TSR submersible agitator.

Repowering mit Biobull in Plätz , Deutschland

Repowering with Biobull in Plätz, Germany

A streisal Biobull is being retrofitted to the combination storage tank made of enamelled steel.

Biogasanlage in Wiltshire , England

Biogas plant in Wiltshire, UK

The mashing pit is provided with a streisal Hydrobull mixing system. The agitating tasks in the fermenter are carried out by two Biobull fermenter agitators.

Langsam laufende Tauchrührwerke in Oberottmarshausen, Deutschland

Slow-running submersible agitator in Oberottmarshausen, Germany

In the Lechfeld sewage treatment plant, streisal ATP flow accelerators have been operating in the 4 activation tanks since 2003.

Stabrührwerk Biosubstrator in Küssnacht, Schweiz

Biosubstrator rod agitator in Küssnacht, Switzerland

The new fermenter of a biogas plant is being equipped with Biosubstrator and Biobull from streisal. In the secondary fermenter, an existing submersible motor agitator is being replaced by an energy-saving Biobull.

Biogasanlage in Kráľovský Chlmec, Slowakei

Biogas plant in Kráľovský Chlmec, Slovakia

Fermenters 1 and 2 are provided with agitator technology from streisal.

Biogasanlage in Mitrovac, Kroatien

Biogas plant in Mitrovac, Croatia

The entire system is equipped with agitator technology from streisal: streisal Hydrobull mixing systems are used in both mixing pits; fermenters and secondary fermenters are given viable propeller agitators as well as efficient, medium fast-running submersible motor.

Fermenterrührwerke in Italien

Fermenter agitators in Italy

As a result of the low self-generated electricity requirement and great ease of servicing, streisal Biobull units have become the preferred choice for many Italian biogas plant operators. This reference plant is operating in Bagnocavallo.

Tauchrührwerk Typ TSR in Arad, Rumänien

Submersible agitator of the TSR type in Arad, Romania

A streisal submersible motor agitator of the latest TSR series is installed in this stainless steel tank.

Vertikalrührwerk in Frastanz, Österreich

Vertical agitator in Frastanz, Austria

The company sewage treatment plant operated by 11er Nahrungsmittel GmbH is equipped with agitator technology from streisal. A vertical Biobull is installed in the digestion tower.

Anmischgruben in Turčianske Teplice, Slowakei

Mixing pits in Turčianske Teplice, Slovakia

streisal Hydrobull mixing systems are used in both mixing pits.

Biogasanlage in Lagiewniki, Polen

Biogas plant in Lagiewniki, Poland

The entire plant is equipped with agitator technology from streisal: fermenter, secondary fermenter and final storage.