Innovative technology and
many years of experience

streisal GmbH was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of submersible motors. Over the course of the years, we have developed into an internationally active, medium-sized full-range provider of agitators and mixing systems for all kinds of applications, thanks to a large number of technical innovations:

  • Biogas plants

  • Waste water treatment

  • Industrial process technology

Our research and development work focuses on energy efficiency, technical performance and the reliability of our products. For this purpose, streisal operates a fluid mechanics laboratory featuring the latest measuring technology and model systems, as well as a large-scale test tank.

In this way, we can always offer our customers the best and most efficient solutions, as well as providing high-quality support during planning, configuration and selection of the correct agitator technology.

Principles of
company management


We want to have satisfied customers who place their trust in what we have to offer in the long term – from consulting and problem solving through to supply and installation, maintenance and servicing of our products.

This is based on practical technology that we are always improving further and adapting to individual requirements through continuous research.

As an independent private company, our ideas and actions are not influenced by the pressure to achieve short-term success. Rather, we place great emphasis on long-term cooperation with our business partners, responsible actions and respect in dealing with one another.


Quality starts with people. The personal attitude and readiness of all streisal employees to meet our customers' requirements at any time is thus a significant component of our company management.

Combined with the use of high-quality components and application of the greatest possible precision, we produce high-quality products with the "Made in Germany" cachet.

Protection of the environment

As a supplier of particularly energy-efficient agitators, we make a direct and verifiable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

We place great emphasis on the environmentally friendly design of our products, energy efficiency throughout the production environment and a careful approach to the use of natural resources.

Furthermore, the topic of biorecycling, often simply referred to as biogas, is very close to our hearts. It is important to understand that cycles must also be closed in the area of organic residual and waste materials.

Our technology supports these processes and, to a certain extent, makes biorecycling possible in the first place – which in turn demonstrably reduces natural resource wastage.

We owe this to nature and the generations who will come after us.

company history


1988 Foundation of the company Specialisation on submersible agitators for agriculture and sewage treatment technology
1989 Sewer pig: Use of submersible agitators for purging sewers on a self-propelled chassis
(the agitator pulse is used for propulsion).
1989 Aeration add-on for submersible agitators to aerate the manure and sludges
1990 TRV submersible agitator with complete stainless steel housing – a global innovation at the time.
Explosion-proof submersible agitator with ATEX approval.
1991 Submersible agitators with compressed air drive for mixing of tanks in chemical applications (explosion protection zones).
1991 TKP submersible centrifugal pump for thick matter
1992 Large-blade submersible agitators ATP in the power range from 0.75 to 5.5 kW with propeller diameter up to 2800 mm, completely in stainless steel
1994 First use of the BIOBULL® large-blade agitator in a biogas plant
1995 Submersible agitator for paints (used at VW in Emden, among others)
Frequency inverter for the energy-saving operation of large-blade agitators
2000 Digestion tower mixer
2005 Vertical agitator for biogas plants
2006 Horizontal agitator for biogas plants BIOSUBSTRATOR®
2007 Vertical agitator for smaller heat exchangers
2008 Gas-tight adjustment device for submersible agitators in biogas digesters
2010 Relocation of the company premises to Pettermandstrasse
Agitator with integrated solid feed BULLDOS®
Mixing system for pre-pits and hydrolysis systems HYDROBULL®
2013 Company's 25th anniversary
New series of medium-fast and slow-running submersible agitators
2014 streisal SafeGuard TSR monitoring system for submersible motor agitators
2016 Three-bladed propeller with enlarged hub diameter for smoothest possible operation and energy efficiency
2018 SafeBox vibration monitor for vertical agitators (protection against inadmissible vibrations)
2019 Load test rig for submersible agitators with mains regeneration
2020 Extension of vertical agitator series (new bearing case for higher torques and longer agitator shafts)
2021 sideEntry – gas-tight compact adjustment device for submersible agitators
2021 TSRL hybrid submersible agitators for highly viscous fluids

research and

Managing directors
and employees

Dipl.-Ing. MBA Peter Starz, Board of Management
Dipl. Wi-lng. Thomas Stemmer, Board of Management
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