High-performance Maischebull® vertical agitators and Hydrobull® mixing systems

Technical specifications

TypePower ratingCurrent ratingNominal speed
  [kW] [A] [rpm]
BIOE 154(M)D 15,0 31,0 38
BIOE 184(M)D 18,5 36,6 38
BIOE 304(M)D 30,0 55,0 55

Motor 400+/-10% VAC, rated frequency 50 Hz, index of protection IP 54


Dimensions and weights

Propeller diameter 1500 mm to 2650 mm
(also with different profiles depending on the task)
Erforderliche Deckenöffnung
zur Durchführung der Rührwelle
Kernbohrung 300-600 mm
Required cover opening
for passing through the agitator shaft:
Core hole 300 – 600 mm
Total weight approx. 1100 – 1500 kg depending on the version
Maischebull biogas agitators®/Hydrobull® in pre-pits and hydrolysis tanks
Sample configuration of Maischebull®/Hydrobull® vertical and inclined


Gas-flushed parts in the tank Stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A)
Parts outside the tank Galvanised or painted/coated
Base bearing Silicon carbide mechanical seal
Propeller (Ø 2300 – 2650 mm) High-strength, wear-free polymer with steel core
Propeller (Ø 1500 – 1900 mm) Stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A)


  • ATEX-certified version for use in explosion protection zones 1 and 2
  • Frequency inverter with parameterised safety software (torque limiting, coupling break detection, etc.)
  • streisal "SafeGuard" (optional): automatic torque monitoring and control system with varying fill levels
  • Shear-pin coupling as the final predetermined breaking point