High-performance Maischebull® vertical agitators and Hydrobull® mixing systems

Mix-in performance values according to requirements

With our extensive range of different impellers, drive powers and installation options, we can supply customised solutions to meet your particular agitation needs. One or more agitators are used depending on the tank shape, substrate properties and method of filling. References are available for agitation rates of up to 40 tonnes silage and solid manure per hour

Low internal power consumption

The efficiency of our agitators is maximized by the large propeller and low frequency-controlled speeds. This is the only way to minimize the energy needed to convert electrical energy into agitation or circulation power.


Important wearing parts are mounted externally and are easy to access. It is therefore not necessary to remove the agitators or to climb inside the tank for maintenance and service work.

High reliability and service live

streisal Maischebull® /Hydrobull® agitating systems are characterised by great robustness and long service lives. Many of the components used have proved reliable in practical application for more than 15 years. With wheel loaders, wear-prone solids metering units are also not necessary during filling.