Biosubstrator® slow-running biogas rod agitators

Constantly high and adjustable agitating performance

The large hydraulic thrust can be adapted to the biological condition of the substrate or the agitating task by means of height adjustment. The substrate can flow in without obstruction because the agitating elements are not covered by any obstructive built-in components. The large diameters of the propeller and hub prevent material wrapping itself around the blades, thus ensuring a constantly high efficiency is available.

Low internal power consumption

The high circulating rate and excellent efficiency of the Biosubstrator® result from the large propeller diameter and slow-running, frequency-controlled rotation speed.


Important wearing parts are mounted externally and are therefore easy to access for maintenance and servicing. For example, there is no need for the container roof (gas accumulator) to be opened regularly in biogas plants. The agitator shaft is sealed by a gas-tight siphon seal with contactless operation. In contrast to other rod agitators, there are no bearings or (mechanical) seals inside the tank!

High reliability and service live

The streisal Biosubstrator® is characterised by the sturdy configuration of the bearing bracket with regreaseable bearings and a large steel construction on the outside. Vibration dampers at the articulation points absorb peak vibrations and also contribute to the durability of the agitator.