The energy-saving Biobull® fermenter agitator

Maximum circulating rate in concrete and steel tanks

Slow-running large-propeller agitators of the Biobull® type enable large quantities of fluid to be circulated in tanks with largely constant fill levels. They are used above all in biogas generation and in other applications with difficult substrates (fibrous constituents, maximum dry matter contents, etc.). The maximum medium temperature is 60 °C.

By means of an external agitator column, the agitator can also be used in steel tanks of different shapes and sizes: The forces and moments are not transferred to the tank wall, but into the foundation.

Installation of streisal Biobull® in tanks made of steel
Biobull® with agitator column for (stainless) steel tanks

Potentially explosive atmospheres

The agitators are available with various ATEX ignition protection types for use in explosion protection zones 0, 1 or 2.