High-efficiency TSR submersible agitators with step-down gear unit

Innovative propeller geometry

A decisive feature for comparing the efficiency of agitators is what is referred to as the first performance number as a quotient of the generated thrust force and the energy observed at the operating point. The propeller geometry that has undergone further development in the streisal fluid mechanics laboratory involving the use of the latest measuring technology and has been optimised in the test tank (large scale) means that enormously high thrust values are possible with a low power consumption. This means much lower and operating costs!

Fluid mechanics laboratory/agitator technology centre at streisal
Fluid mechanics laboratory – agitator technology centre

Mechanical seal system

It has been shown in practice that reliability and durability of shaft seals are decisive criteria for trouble-free operation. In particular in media with relatively coarse or abrasive solids, long-fibre constituents and disruptive substances (such as plastic strands, films, etc.), the unique and patented seal system from streisal offers a series of advantages:

  • Highly wear-resistant streisal Seal Guard mechanical seal made of silicon carbide
  • Upstream labyrinth seal to prevent penetration by disruptive substances
  • Submersible agitator housing with easily replaceable wearing ring
  • Mechanical seals are protected by being mounted in a stainless steel holder
  • Spring elements on the inside, not in contact with the medium


Patented mechanical seal system
streisal Seal Guard seal system
Patented mechanical seal system, tandem version
Tandem version of streisal Seal Guard

Energy-efficient drives

Even though EU Directive 640/2009 does not specify minimum efficiency values for submersible agitators, the motor versions of the new series are available in efficiency classes IE2 (high efficiency) and IE3 (premium efficiency). The changeover to energy-saving systems pays off directly, especially in agitators with high numbers of operating hours. With IE2 and IE3 submersible motor agitators from streisal, you can demonstrate your environmental awareness at the same time as saving a lot of energy and costs.