Slow-running ATP/BTP submersible agitators with step-down gear unit

Lowest self-generated power consumption

The use of propellers with optimum hydraulic design, different gear unit ratios and high-efficiency motors (IE2 and IE3 according to IEC 60034-30) achieves maximum overall efficiency.

Mechanical seal system

t has been shown in practice that reliability and durability of shaft seals are decisive criteria for trouble-free operation. The unique seal system from streisal offers a range of advantages:

  • Two highly wear-resistant silicon carbide mechanical seals (tandem version)
  • Mechanical seals are protected by being mounted in a stainless steel holder
  • Spring elements on the inside, not in contact with the medium
Mechanical seal system in tandem version
streisal Seal Guard tandem seal system

Optimally effective performance

With large propeller diameters and low speeds, these submersible agitators develop maximum thrust. The flexible positioning and alignment means that the flow direction can be adapted to the particular tank shape. The self-cleaning propeller shape ensures a constantly high agitating effect and operation without vibration, even when the medium contains fibres.