Accessories: Everything your agitator needs

High-quality installation accessories

An extensive range of robust accessories is available according to the particular agitator and individual installation situation.

Supports, guide rails with wall or cover attachment, stand units, slides, flexible lowering devices and many other accessories are produced by streisal in-house according to our own plans. Sturdy constructions and highly resistant materials guarantee a long service life and durability. This means our agitators can be used without difficulty in all kinds of tank geometries.

Furthermore, it is possible to adapt the design of the installation accessories according to the particular installation situations.

Retrofitting submersible agitator in glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP) mixing tank
streisal submersible agitator in GFRP tank

Switching and control devices

Optimum control of agitators is a complex task that has a significant influence on their economic success. streisal offers a large number of switching, starting and control devices here, and provides high-quality support in planning, designing and selecting the correct technology.

We recommend streisal frequency inverters with parameterised safety software and streisal "SafeGuard" for automatic torque monitoring and control in order to operate and monitor the agitator while making the best use of energy input.